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Delovišča / Workscapes

authors: Andraž Magajna & Matej Stupica

6-channel video of 6 places for 6 objects, 2013

The Workscapes are composed of audio-visual recordings from six working places (joinery, steel factory, highway, office, canteen, construction site), made of actions of the place itself as well as of guitar playing, recorded in the same place. It tries to draw nearer the impact and importance of sound and different acoustic environments within working processes and to fuse it with one’s own sonic pieces. By experiencing these work places Workscapes presents one’s own sonic-visual interpretation of material and cultural reproduction right here and now.

Exhibited in coal mining museum, Velenje; Slovene etnographic museum, Ljubljana; and SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Foto: DK, Martin Lovšin Schintr, Arhiv