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Horizont / Horizon

object, 2018
authors: Lenka Đorojević & Matej Stupica

Object Horizon is made as a life size model of an almost extinct institutional object, defining the barrier between an individual and an individual representing a system. As a system is transforming into a capitalism with a human face, melting down this "biroucratic" barrier, making this relation more comfortable - merging these two individuals into one. The object is designed as a piece of furniture apropriate to a design of a gallery space.

"...The artists adapt and modify a familiar architectural element designed to organise the exchange of information and values relying on a screen of secrecy to communicate power and social inequalities. The sculpture radicalises this kind of (dys-)functionality by inviting us to enact well-known behavioural routines while at the same time denying access and throwing our questioning gaze back onto itself." Katrin Mundt, curator

Special thanks to: Jos - Scenart & CSU technical team

Exhibited in Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, 2018

Foto: Arhiv